When we opt for market to buy any products, generally we see its manufacturing and expiry date and would have a thorough look at its contents. Similarly before buying any supplement, we must know everything about it and also have knowledge of either it causes side effects or not. Growth hormone is manufactured by the endocrine system and is composed of glands that secrete a number of chemical compounds called hormones. In order to increase the growth of these hormones, growth hormone supplements can be used.

Production of growth hormone

The pituitary gland is placed behind the optic nerve and is the size of a pea. It has two parts anterior and posterior and is also responsible to produce Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Sometimes our body doesn’t produce adequate amount of growth hormones which causes growth hormone deficiency. If any person is diagnosed with such a deficiency, growth hormone supplements are prescribed. They encourage and enhance synthesis of growth hormone in the body.

There are many HGH pills available in the market which can have serious side effects on our health. So it is very important for us to discuss with a doctor or physician before choosing to consume any supplement.

Natural supplements

All the supplements marked as natural are made up of natural ingredients found in nature. Some people misbelieve that natural supplements are safe to consume and so they take more than recommended in order to get faster result. They are unaware of adverse effects from growth hormone supplements if not taken as directed.  We should have a look at the label instructions, ingredients, recommendations for use and dosage while buying these supplements because the more we know about it, the more we can protect ourselves from unpleasant surprises and reactions.

Safety and side effects

We understand that our body requires HGH to grow and we must try to increase them but usage of supplements can have adverse effects from growth hormone. The most common side effect caused by supplements in body builders is acromegaly, which is a condition that causes excessive muscle growth as well as bones, face and intestines. Deformation of bones can also take place. Everyone who is consuming HGH pills should realize that the benefits provided by it will decrease or disappear one day when they stop taking it. The height of a person is increased by only 3 inches by these supplements. Some other common side effects are

  • Severe pain in muscles and joints.
  • Swelling due to trapping of excess fluid in cellular tissues and nerve pain.
  • Feeling of ‘pin and needle’ called as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Our cholesterol level gets increased.
  • We may want to take an afternoon baby nap of 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Strain in the wrist caused by the increase of muscle mass in the wrist.
  • Headaches while waking up and also slight pain in the fingers and toes.
  • Rapid drop of blood sugar level at any time.