Human Growth Hormone or HGH as it is commonly known as, is found in pituitary glands and has got numerous benefits. Not only are these hormones good enough for professional athletes and body builders, they are a good answer to inducing metabolism, improving protein diction and sexual drive too. Visit FCKFAT for more knowledge and information.

Some of the benefits are listed below:

  1. These hormones help in growth of children and adolescents: All of us keep growing throughout our lifetime either physically or mentally. But when it comes to children and adolescents, the growth spur is at its zenith as during this time the growth is at maximum pace. And it is HGH that helps them to grow normally and excel in all phases of life.
  2. Helps to regulates body composition and body fluids: Our body is made up of lot of things like fluids, muscles, bones etc. and it is very important that all these work together and in accordance to make sure that body works efficiently.
  3. It adjusts sugar and fat metabolism: If sugar and fat are well controlled in our body, we can keep a lot of ailments away. Today diabetes has become a life style health issue and most people are suffering and living with it. But it is not easy to live with such ailments so the best part would be to keep these in control and HGH helps in that.
  4. Helps in bone and muscles growth: HGH is of great help to grow and make bones and muscles strong. And for this reason, even body builders take HGH supplements to make strong body. It also helps patients suffering from chronic illness to regain the lost muscles.
  5. In many ways HGH even controls heart functionality: With all the other benefits, HGH also helps in normal functioning of heart.
  6. Increased bone density: In order to sit, stand, walk, run and to do any physical activity even to perform our daily tasks, our bones should be strong enough. And this is made possible with the help of proper HGH production in the body. Some of the studies also show that HGH helps in bone mineral density too.
  7. Helps to increase lean body mass: It is also been found that HGH therapy or HGH helps to increase lean body mass and helps to gain weight. That is why a lot of under nourished kids are given these supplements to make sure they have proper growth at the right time. With proper exercises these can further be enhanced and along with this the body fat will also be well in control.
  8. There is overall better quality of life in total. Studies have shown that HGH helps in overall better quality of life by keeping everything in control and well balanced.

Human Growth Hormones are very crucial for our survival and proper growth. These hormones help in many ways to make sure effectively functioning of our body and mind. These help in bringing positive and helpful changes in our body composition.