Nobody on this earth likes his/her flight gets delayed or cancelled. We book our tickets, pack our bags and get our self ready for a trip. And at the last minute, airlines texts to us that there is a delay and the flight will now take off on a rescheduled time or it has been cancelled.

This travel disruption can cost people jobs. They can lose business projects and tenders. So they have every right to claim for the compensation.

In this article, we will provide you handy guidelines that will explain you everything, how to claim online flight compensation. What compensation you are entitled to and what is the exact procedure to claim it? In addition you will be also able to know how to claim compensation after Flight cancellation UK.

Online flight compensation- Guidelines     

If airline delays your flight, there is certain criterion that you need to fulfill to claim online flight compensation. Ask the below mentioned questions to yourself to verify whether you are entitled to Online flight compensation or not. If your answer is ‘yes’ then you can claim compensation of between 250-600 euro per passenger. And in case you are not sure about the reasons, check online compensation calculator service to verify whether the above criteria apply to your flight or not.

  1. Did Plane Land within or take off from EU?
  2. Was it a flight with companies in EU countries?
  3. Was the flight delay by more than 3 hours
  4. Was the adverse weather reason for flight delay or some other conditions at airport?
  5. Was your flight delayed by reasons other than Air traffic management decision?

Flight cancellation UK- Online flight compensation Criterion  

The first question you will ask yourself after flight cancellation UK will be “Am I entitled to compensation. If yes, then what compensation I am entitled to?”

The amount you are entitled to after flight cancellation UK is specified in the EC Regulation 261/2004. The compensation amount will depend on length of the delay and the travelling distance.

Compensation will be paid to you irrespective of what price you paid for your ticket.

According to EC Regulations, passengers are to be compensated both for the lost time and travel inconveniences. The compensation amount will remain same whether you pay £1500 or £30 as airfare.  The minimum amount of compensation is 250 EUR minimum and maximum 600 EUR maximum. You can also file claim on behalf of other passengers if they authorize you to do so.

Legal basis of online flight compensation on your behalf

In case of Flight cancellation UK, the legal basis is provided to passengers by EC Regulation no. 261/2004. The motive of this regulation is to assist passengers in the recovery for lost time and compensation to all the inconvenience they faced due to flight cancellation UK.

To claim compensation, all you are required to do is to fill an online form. It will take you less than 5 minutes.

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