It is believed that we must wear pearl so that to strengthen the Moon in the horoscope. It has an extremely positive calming impact on the mind and increases feelings of compassion and love for other people. The pearl allows the practice of spiritual meditations with better concentration by increasing peace of mind.

Moreover, on the physical side, pearl may help to reduce heat in the body and balance bodily fluids. Feelings of anxiety can be decreased as the pearl can calm the nerves. Pearl is very good for women in general as it helps them with fertility issues, as well as helps them to deal with stress of motherhood.

Most people, especially in the west side of the planet, are only familiar with cultured pearls. Despite they can be quite expensive, especially in strands of good shape, size and color. Therefore they are very near the power of natural pearls.

There are eight different sources of pearls according to the Vedas. Seven of them are tremendously rare and not to be found on earth in this age and day.

  1. Sky Pearls: From the sky
  1. Cobra Pearls: Develop within the hood of a cobra over one hundred years
  1. Bamboo Pearls: Found in the hollow of bamboo
  1. Hog Pearls: Found in the head of a hog
  1. Elephantine Pearls: Originates in the temple of a particular breed of elephant
  1. Conch Pearls: Found in a conch shell
  1. Fish Pearls: Created in the womb of a fish

All these pearls have different healing potencies and powers attributed to them. But there is not a single person on earth who possesses all of them.

Pearl Ring
Pearl Ring

Pearl ring, pearl pendant and pearl earrings are made from cultured pearls, the only pearls available on the market for the public. This is the process by which the oyster is induced to create a pearl. A tiny piece of tissue is implanted within the oyster alongside with a round bead of mother of pearl which is cut from the shell. Therefore, this bead is then coated with successive layers of conchiolin and nacre. After a certain time period the pearls are harvested.

Actually this process is done on pearl farms which are located in the south Pacific or the Far East. South Pacific produces the largest pearls in silver, white and black colors. Other sources include the South America, Persian Gulf, Sri Lanka and India.

Cultured pearls may be used to strengthen an afflicted Moon. But, however, one natural pearl, worn either in a pendant or ring, is more effective and valuable than several threads of cultured pearls.