Clenbuterol is simply a gel that man individuals take for weight loss. Originally, it was intended to be used for animals, especially horses for oral Bronchodilator.  Clenbyterol gel also known as Claire Clenbuterol gel is used by many gym rats and athletes for losing weight. Not only is this but it also used by those who want to lean their muscles by removing excessive body fat. Clenbuterol comes in various forms which are gel (the most common one), tablets and even in liquid form.

Its tablets are also getting very popular now. The measurement of the gel is done in mcg rather than ml. A tablet form 200mcg equals to one ml ofgel. Claire Clenbuterol gel, one bottle comes in a pack of 230 ml gel. In many other countries like Australia, clen gel is used as one of the most reputed gels for weight loss. This is considered very safe for all men and women for having lean muscle and toned physique and losing weight with no side effects.

Dosage for beginners:

Clenbuterol cycles for bodybuilding are the same, but the dosage may differ in their forms of consumption i.e. clen gel or clen tablets. For beginners who have not even tried it once then on the 1stday, they are asked to start with 20mcg. You are required to swallow 0.25ml. The taste is very bad, so it is recommended to consume it with a juice like orange.

This gel has high steroids, leading to insomnia, so it asked to consume it in the morning so that you can have good sleep in the night. Another very good option which people opt is on and off. For two days it is consumed then for next two days it is skipped.

In some people, their body has high drug tolerance, so they can take 40mcg initially. But for new users it is strictly recommended to take 20 mcg dosages.

Dosage for Experienced:

Once you have started consuming Clenbuterol gel, your body becomes use to the drug. The drug effect may start tapering off, so for those who are consuming this drug from longer periods of time, can consume this drug up to 140 mcg per day. This is for men,

The consumption of drug may differ in women and is recommended to consume up to 80 mcg. Women undergo a lot of hormonal changes and thus are asked to consume less dosage. Clen has amazing fat burning effects. For bodybuilders it is considered as one of the best drugs for weight loss. Many bodybuilders take this drug especially when a competition is about to start and they want to give a vascular and lean look.

Anabolic steroids are stacked up in Clen to maintain ideal weight. So this is very effective as well as safe. It promotes muscle growth. It is additionally recommended to drink a lot of water when you take this drug so as to sweat excessively. There have been unlimited positive reviews from the individuals who have been taking this from quite some time.