Service dogs are those dogs which are referred to as medical equipment which the owners need for carrying out tasks that the owners are unable to do on their own due to physical or mental disabilities. An example is a dog used by a blind person which helps him to cross the street and serves as a guide. Service dogs are allowed in all the places with the owner as it is considered to be a medical necessity and thus, one can take a service dog with him or her to even those places where pets are generally not allowed. But one would need a service dog letter with them which will certify that the pet is a service dog and is there for medical reasons.

The contents of a service dog letter

A service letter is a letter that a licensed medical professional will hand out to an owner of a service dog. This letter will be issued after the doctor finds that you require the dog with you for medical reasons, the same way that you carry medicines with you. It will be on the official letterhead of the doctor or the health provider and comes with the needed formatting.

The letter will state that the person in the name of whom it is issued is under the care or treatment of the healthcare professional. The letter will also have to state the reasons why the person needs a service dog. The letter will also note that the service dog has been prescribed by the healthcare provider for the person as a part of his or her treatment.

The importance of service dog letter

Many a times, a service dog is not allowed to enter in certain places such as ‘no pet zones’, transport services, airplanes and so on. At such times, if you are in possession of a service dog letter, then you will be allowed to travel with your pet.

In fact, such a letter is mandatory for air travel. For the service dog letter that you need to submit should state that the service dog is absolutely necessary for you and that you will find it difficult to lead a normal life or do your daily functions without it.

For the owners of a service dog, there is also the need for a letter that will prove the disability status. This can be obtained by any medical professional or your doctor. This letter will mention the period you have been under treatment with the doctor. It will also state that the service dog is of utmost importance to you to lead a regular life and that you will need it for as an assistant to do your chores. Such a letter will help you in saving your time and that means you will not have to give explanations and do the last minute running. It is always best to procure a service letter and keep it with you always, so that you can use it whenever an occasion demands it.