WordPress is the choice for most of the bloggers, online business holders, bidding entrepreneurs, corporates, and most of the people who wish to launch their first online venture. The WordPress CMS is so simple with countless themes and functionalities that it delivers a flawless user-experience. Thus, the WordPress Web Development Services have got an enormous market demand and within a short compass of time, millions of websites over the virtual market are crowded by WordPress websites. According to a recent survey, we find more than seventy four million websites are powered by this amazing CMS.

However, mere online presence would not suffice the core intention of the venture. The platform ought to perform at its best and load quickly. The website’s performance ensures the visitors to stay on the page for further proceedings; otherwise, there is every chance they might leave the site to come back never again. Henceforth, it is recommended for the website owners to spend time on optimizing their website with the help of the WordPress website development company, preferably with the one with whom they got their site developed. And the website performance influences the rankings in search engines.

There are certain best practices and techniques to follow so that your website loads faster and stay in the top position for search results. Before going for site optimization, it is essential to check the performance of the site. Some of the methods involved are

  • Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool: It is recommended to score 80+. Moreover, it analyzes the web pages and suggests the enhancement way.
  • YSlow: One may measure the web page load time with this addon for Firefox or the Chrome.
  • Manual Observation: Though it’s a trivial method, it is also one of the reliable methods, wherein the person may use the stopwatch on the screen and test the time taken for loading of a web page.
  • Database Queries: The database queries number effect the onpage load time. The following code could be used in the footer to find the number of database queries. <?php echo get_num_queries(); ?> queries in <?php timer_stop(1); ?> seconds.
  • Speed Tester: In addition, one may use the website speed tester and find out the site performance.

A notable WordPress developer in India or wherever you are residing would be able to help you with the obtained results and the further proceedings to maintain or improve the website performance.

Some of the recommendations to speed up your website are briefed below :

Choice of the framework: The themes are coded in different ways and therefore we always find a better one. Use of default themes such as Twenty sixteen is reliable as compared to others because they are lightweight frameworks and has gained reputation in the WordPress Speed Optimization Services for developing well-coded and fast themes.

Caching: The caching stores the web pages and posts it as static files when served to the visitors and thereby reduce the load processing. The use of WordPress caching plugins, implementation of browser caching, server-side caching speeds up the site.

Implementation of the Content Delivery Network: The CDN takes all the files and delivers to the server which is close to the visitor and decrease the load time.

Optimize the images and the databases as well to increase the load time of the website. It is recommended to limit the number of WordPress revisions, delete old ones, limiting the pages to 100, and so forth maintains the site performance. The Gzip compresses the web pages, CSS, and JavaScript at the server level.

Further, it is recommended to reduce the number of WordPress plugins, use custom fonts, optimize the font icons, use of lazy load images, videos, specification of image dimensions, reduction of HTTP requests, disabling of hotlinks, trackbacks, and, etc., helps to increase the load speed of the web pages.

And, the important thing is to choose the best and reliable web hosting. It is essential to follow these general rules meant for website performance and gain a position in the global market.