Ever considered owning a microscope? IF you have then you should definitely consider one particular device that will be mentioned in this Amscope 150c review. To get you started, you should understand that this microscope is not meant for professional use, instead it is more suitable for those who are starting to play with a microscope and trying to learn how to use it. It is however, suitable for both kids and adults.

Who most commonly uses the Amscope 150C?

1. Adults

Mind you that these are adults who are simply experimenting with microscopes probably for the first time, and not professors or researchers. While you can tell from this Amscope 150c review that it is not meant for high end use, it actually plays up quite decently on its own when it is used for educational purposes.

2. High school science students

It isn’t hard to see how this microscope is popular with high school science studens. Not only is it affordable it also servers its purpose as a microscope for educational purposes. It is also very affordable which helps to make this model a very popular choice.

3. Small children

Parents who want to start their kids off young by involving them with the world of science will be able to do so just fine with the Amscope 150c review model that you see here.

The features of the Amscope 150C

This is a microscope that comes packed with several useful features and functions that is sure to please the amateur scientist. First off all, to protect it from dust you get a handy dust cover that comes pre-packaged from the factory itself. Dust particles can remain on top of the lens but it can also enter your device which makes it hard to get rid of.

You will know from this Amscope 150c review that the device allows for a 360 degree view, thanks to its rotating head which allows you to see your slides at many different magnifications. It also comes with three objective lenses together with interchangeable eye pieces at 10x and 25x, which allows you to choose between 5 different magnification settings.

Worried that it might break after some light usage? Fear not as the all metal frame makes the Amscope 150C a pretty durable device. Additional features include an LED light function that comes with an adapter which provides that extra bit of lighting to allow scientists to get a better look at their specimen.

Now that you are done reading this Amscope 150c review, you will be able to decide whether this is a model that will fit your needs or not, easily.