All over the world every people like to have the treatment which would not harm them. There is lots of technological development in medical field but many people like to found the natural treatment without injections and medicines. Reiki is traditional medicine and spiritual healing which is discovered by Mikao Usui. He is a Japanese practitioner and founder of this methodology.  After a year of meditation he came to know it is possible for anybody to connect with the universal energy. He tried to heal the person by mind, body and soul. He wanted to heal person by where could he touch a person emotionally, mentally and physically and transfer his knowledge of spiritual to cure the person by his touch. A person who has interest in Reiki can learn this with whole dedication. They need to spend their life to learn this beautiful methodology.

This treatment is mainly depend on vital element of life energy is the spirit of healing practice. The Reiki Usui treatment is nothing but laying hands on the body of patient in a prescribed pattern and let the energy of life to run throughout the hands to the person being treated. This treatment can be used at anytime and at any situation this is just person need to lay their hands on their body or others who need the treatment. People can feel relax and pain free after the healing therapy. It will cure the disease and illness for people who are taking medicines for long years to recover from their pain and disease. It is not treatment for physical. People who have mental and emotional problems can take this healing therapy to feel better.  They can recover from all their tension and worries.

Many people are learning this therapy

People who feel their energy system is out of balance and they are feeling they not have the enough energy to carry out their life function they can take the Reiki treatment. While taking this treatment they can feel the increase in life energy and they return to balance. This treatment is not only for human for plants and animals also we can try this healing therapy. It is the best way to treat most of the illness. This treatment is followed and adapted by many modern practitioners. Mikao Usui also the student of western world. He is a 19th century scholar and not only a Japanese master of spiritual arts. Some rumor was there that Mikao Usui is a Christian dean and he doing this therapy by the inspiration of Taoist and Buddhist teaching. But he was created this therapy by his own knowledge. And know it is the alternative medicine for many diseases. And many people are recovering from their disease and pain from this therapy.

People who are interest in learning this therapy must search for the good tutor. They took more time to find the right tutor. From the right tutor and people who have long years of experience in this field only can teach their students. People need more practice and dedication to learn this therapy. Some people need to dedicate their life to learn this therapy. If they learn this therapy they can treat more people who need to cure from their illness. People need more concentration and dedication to do this therapy because they need to flow energy of life through their hands to the body of the patient. If they can more practice in this treatment they can heal the patient by their touch. People who are taking practice for this therapy want to concentrate well in their practice and want to join with good practitioner.