The United States Postal Service, (USPS) had issued its first skywriting stamp in the year 1973. Since then, these stamps became an integral part of the wedding invitations, birthday greetings, and Valentine’s Day letters and cards. For a long time, these stamps are being adjudged as a symbol of love and positivity among the Americans. To disseminate the same love and positivity the USPS has decided to launch the replicas of these stamps. Here is what you need to know about this. Also know some of the difficulties faced by the USPS.

The Important Constituents of the Love Skywriting Forever Stamp

  1. The Attendees: The Chief Development officer of the ‘Operation Gratitude’ and the Vice President, Chris Clark along with the President of ‘Skytypers’ Stephen Stinis and the moderator of Air Museum, Kevin Thompson are supposed to the attend the ceremony of the re-launch.
  2. The Design: The new version of the stamp is a pleasant continuation of the old Love stamp. It is meant to add a romantic touch to the letters. The background of the stamp depicts a blue sky with the blurred edges and the word ‘love’ is written in the cursive writing.
  3. The Art of Skywriting: In the time period between the year 1920s to the late 1950s, the skywriting was a prominent method of advertising. The skywriting was no less than an art. It used an Airplane that would emit a vaporized liquid from the exhaust system to form words in the sky. It is still used for very public declaration and display of love.
  4. The Skywriting Trip: The trip will start from the Chino Airport. First, the pilot will find a turbulence-free airspace where the sky will allow a distortion free writing. This might consume half an hour. The paint is going to be a paraffin-free environment-friendly liquid that is injected into the plane’s manifold. This paint will pass through a 3-inch diameter pipe to take the shape of a 60-foot diameter vapor.

The word “L” will be supposedly a whopping 6000 feet tall and the remaining 3 letters will be 2000 feet each. The compilation of the word “Love” will take place 10 minutes to complete. There will not be enough liquid to add swirl to the letters. The sky writing shall be visible from 20 miles.

The pilot and the president of the Skytypers, Stephen Stinis have successfully created more than 2000 skywriting for the past 50 years.  However, this particular task is supposed to be challenging as there is a vast difference between the letter “L” and the other 3 letters. Stinis who is habitual of creating block letters will have to manipulate his timing and the maneuvers.

The stamp is designed by Louise Fili under the art direction of Derry Noyes. The stamp is issued as the Forever stamp and will cost one ounce.

The Postal Service that receives no tax dollars for its operating expenses has been facing huge difficulties to maintain a profitable run. It solely relies on the sale of products and postage to invest in its operation.